Longevity and Quality

How long has everyone had their laser? What is the length of time you’ve gone without issues? I’m on my second laser out of the gate and I’m worried that maybe I made a huge mistake. Reading the forums there are a lot of people who seem to have issues but not a lot of follow up on longevity and overall quality. Let me know your thoughts and experiences!

A Pro delivered Aug 23, 2017. No issues, great calibration. I’m not a heavy user of it, but on average I use it weekly (some weeks not at all, some weeks every, single day - on average.)

We seem to be seeing the start of issues. At first it was out of box failures, sometimes two or three in a row, but eventually they got one that worked and then no issues. Now time and use seem to be making an impact. The units aren’t cheap, and repairing them is an opaque and expensive process (just the shipping.) I’m keeping the fingers crossed, knocking on wood.

No way to really know. We don’t know how many have been shipped, how many were used a little and are now collecting dust, how many issues there are (most are presumably dealt with through email or chat, if you need help the magic minute it’s available.) So no metrics, just anecdotes and a consensus their customer support needs improvement.


The answer to both your questions for me is 1.5 years.

People mostly post about problems, not to share that their machine is working great. So, “a lot of people who seem to have issues” here may not be statistically relevant. Many issues framed as being machine problems also turn out to be user error.

That said, the support and maintenance process and policies do seem to be suboptimal. So, actual machine problems look like they are frequently an unpleasant experience.


I replaced my first one for something I now know was user error - GF’s take seems to be that it’s better to send out a replacement than have an owner without a working unit. They sold over 10k units in the initial group, and have been going like gangbusters since then.
I figure every new post in MoaG or FLD is a post talking about the longevity and quality :slight_smile:


Haha! Almost choked on my lunch.

Yes that’s one way to put it.


Have had mine for over a year now. I use it almost daily; on average about 20 min per day. No problems whatsoever. I do take good care of it; cleaning as per schedule or before; open the lid only as far as necessary; always wait till the alert has done its clicking before I turn it off (it staves off centering issues I think).


I always enjoy the turn of a plausible phrase. :sunglasses:


I bought just over two years ago and received the next February, there were a few issues, most were user error. the biggest thing I now realize was excessive use of magnets as I don.t think anyone realized the implications. By not ridding the area of smoke I had a lot more build up and then the exhaust fan died, mainly by trying to use the cleaner that needed to be used outside when I could not take it outside and letting the gunk dry to a chunk of plastic.

I received the replacement the next February and there were many design changes most I am sure I have no details about. but in trying to keep operating through Xmas I bought an air assist that was barely adequate alone but a great assist with the exhaust fan working. As a result I have way less gunk build up and none of the previous problems. I understand the issues I learned on the first machine and so am much more aware to not cause the problems with this one.

I don’t think I should answer this question since my 6 week old unit is going back for warranty repair :rofl:


Great non-answer :+1:


I will only add that I am very interested in other people’s answers to this, for obvious reasons :slight_smile:


Before the current unpleasantness with mine I never had a serious issue, nearly daily use for about a year and nine months.

My laser quit working, they requested it take a trip to Seattle and here I am in the middle of the process. I’d have preferred a technical manual to work on it myself (I can handle electronics repair) but that’s not how they do things.


Hoping for a “yet” :slight_smile:


Try being a non-US customer…


As someone who spent the first part of her life overseas - I feel your pain!


I had my (crowdfunding pre-purchase) machine for about three and a half months before it had an undisclosed issue that required replacement. The replacement machine arrived a few days later and has been running strong for about 21 months. It has long since paid for itself.


As stated, you hear more about issues because most people don’t come here to say theirs is still working. I see the same on a forum for cars, plenty of posts about issues but thousands of owners are not posting about their cars without issues…

It’s unfortunate to have an issue early on, but in the world of complex machines, it’s not uncommon (it’s called “infant mortality”) and the averages indicate you’d be fine for a long while.

I personally have had no issues with mine, purchased during the campaign and received Dec 2017.


2 years 5 months. 2 years 5 months. :grin:

Never had one issue. And, like @arh2, I’ve taken very good care of it, always. While trying to not take it for granted, I sometimes marvel at the fact that I’ve not experienced one single problem (knocking on Proofgrade).


All y’all knock on some proofgrade lol


my 1999 jeep cherokee only has 265,000 miles on it, it’s basically new, and the rear wiper just randomly stopped working. I guess it could have had something to do with when my dog chewed through all of the wiring to the rear hatch, but really it’s made by a big enough company that they should have thought of that. What’s the deal chrysler?

superstition is bad luck, I always say.