Look at the Table of Contents File Pinned at the Top!

Most of the tutorials are linked there in various Matrix spreadsheets. Many, many more than appear here in the holding tank.

And those are set up in a more logical learning order for those new to the software.


That’s a nice piece of work! Organized in a natural progression.
Thank you :+1:


Oh yeah - apologies for not giving you the list when I said I would (week ago?)…you know what happened.

They’re organized in the new category Matrix, so just running down the list should work pretty well.

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It’s just beautiful in contrast to the scattered nature of tips and information we had here! :purple_heart:

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Chuckle! Yeah, that part took a while…I tried to capture as many of the forum tutorials over the last year as I could find…they hide in the most interesting places…


It took you to pull it all together Jules.
That should appease many of those who lamented when they saw organization going out the window with the meandering nature of our conversations here.
I can’t imagine the amount of time you spent hunting it all down!
In a fell swoop Jules has restored order! :cop:


Chuckle! At least it will be easier going forward…I like having jobs done, instead of hanging over my head.