Look Ma, no glue! A decorative box with....a twist

This is (relatively) easy to do with glue, but MUCH more challenging (and another good learning experience) without glue.


I don’t understand what I am looking at? Can you explain a bit?


I think you are showing top and bottom but wondering how you are putting them together without glue? Hidden pins?

Hidden square dowels (made, through countless iterations, on the GF) except for the top piece, which uses regular wooden dowel. The reason for the difference is the increased surface area required to secure the top piece without a full cut through.



That is super cool.

While I think it’s cool that you were 100% Glowforge here, You can buy square dowels for cheap in all manner of hardwoods at woodcraft.

Since you’re hiding them you can also buy plain old everyday dowels in various shapes from Home Depot too.

Iterating stuff takes time and materials, using dowels from a consistent source can speed your production a great deal.

Here’s an example of a thing made with Home Depot dowels as registration pins:

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Thanks for the feedback. It wasn’t actually the dowels that were the problem, it was iterating the size of the openings into which they needed to fit. Those were some TIGHT tolerances, but I had to be careful not to break the wood, as sometimes I was pretty close to the edge.