Looking for a commission

Hello! I’m looking for an experienced design expert in making furniture to help me with a new personal project of mine.

I’m into BJD and I want to make a ‘bay window seat’ and while I have how I want the windows to look and the design of the bench the math for the walls/sides/structure is a little beyond my skill set.

It will be needing to fit a 1/3 doll size so I can send you the measurements and dimensions.

Let me know if this is you!



Just throwing his name your way. He’s a GREAT furniture designer…but busy. :rofl:


Thank you for the shout out! @joym2319 I can definitely help.


BJD, never heard that term. Interesting.

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They are just over priced fashion dolls XD But they care super pretty and really customizable.


I will send you a DM -

I have everything but doing the ‘building’ math is hard for me since I’m not well versed in inkscape and putting tab/slots into things.

I hadn’t either. Thanks for the info.

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