Looking for a plastic storage bag large enough for the GF box

I would like to store my box somewhere that isn’t climate controlled. Int he US south, that means large temperature and humidity swings. I’d like to put it in an airtight plastic bag (maybe with a dessicant pack or two thrown in there). Has anyone ever looked for a bag this large?

It wouldn’t mold? We just tucked ours in the garage attic…cardboard generally survives well enough. It might sprout a wasps nest or two, but it needs to breathe.

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If you must pack it in plastic, I think I would take a big plastic tarp and heat seal the edges (try a soldering iron on real low setting) and turn it into a huge plastic bag.

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Look for a mattress bag for moving. UHaul or similar type places have them, as do Home Depot and maybe Lowes. Should be pretty cheap too.

Edit: Amazon has them as well: https://www.amazon.com/TopSoon-Plastic-Mattress-Storage-54-Inch/dp/B06WP9M1Y8


It will ABSOLUTELY mold if I don’t keep it dry. This will be under my house, Georgia humidity does not play. Off to amazon to get dessicant packs a mattress bag. Thanks! @reltham

Yeah, used a mattress bag that I already had. Mainly to keep out mice in the garage overhead.

(Detached garage in the woods. Mice and snakes are regular tenants. Been able to keep them out of the house.)

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Further to the mattress bag…

Make sure to change/recharge the desiccant packs frequently especially if you open and close the bag often… But living in Georgia you probably already know that! FWIW I love the colour changing desiccant packs, don’t have to second guess them.

Another option is to get a large weatherproof case (eg Pelican, yes they make them big enough and yes you’ll pay a lot too) This is one option: http://www.pelican.com/us/en/product/single-lid-cases/al4532-0515ft-ac-hl
It’s ONLY $777 or so… cough… on second thought, a mattress bag is probably the better idea, unless you absolutely must feel like black ops every time you retrieve your :glowforge:. :wink:

I’m not storing the glowforge, just the stupid expensive box. It takes up so much room, it’s a bit of a sore spot with me. Hundreds of dollars for the packing materials? Come on.


ah my bad… certainly makes more sense now! TBH the box is a bit ridiculous. When mine finally comes I won’t be able to store the box at my home, I’ll have to cart it over to my office and store it up in the rafters :weary:

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Get a Christmas tree bag, should be large enough.


If you don’t have the mattress bag already, what about a leaf bag? I don’t mean the large, black Hefty ones from my childhood, but the ginormous clear ones they use for yard waste collection in some places?


I’ve seen contractor-sized garbage bags that were huge and thick. I have no idea of their measurements nor where to get them, but I think it’s possible you could fit one over each end and tape them together.



During Maria the Home Depot Bags saved most of my e-stuff. they are really big and thick. Duct tape was also essential.

I went with a mattress bag, seems to be working quite well.