Looking for a puzzle of a puzzle? 3D Puzzle!

I played with this puzzle at our local science center and had so much fun with it I knew I had to make one!

This was designed to be used with 0.14" Corrugated Cardboard. (If there is interest, I can redo the design for different material widths.)
8 Piece Block Puzzle - All Pieces (0.75 @ 0.14 - optimized)
(Black is Score; Blue is Cut; Green is Cut!)

The first puzzle is actually 8 puzzles! Building the eight puzzle blocks. (This was really hard for me the first time, only because the pieces were wrong, but they have been corrected now!)

I used Elmers glue to hold the blocks together. My kids asked if I was working on a school project (apparently, you only use that glue if you are doing something for school.)

Once you have the eight pieces completed they should look like this:

Now the goal is to fit these pieces together into a 4x4x2 block configuration!

I think there are several solutions (or just many variations on the same solution.)

(Edit: Added a smaller version designed for medium :proofgrade: Draftboard.)

8 Piece Block Puzzle - All Pieces (0.60 @ 0.125 + kerf - optimized v2)

Wow, these are so much better made out of wood!

[Edit: This has now been incorporated into Cuttle so you can specify your own size, material width, and kerf settings!]


One note to those that may attempt this!

If a piece seems to long/short or backwards, you have the wrong piece. :wink:


This looks like loads of fun. My granddaughters love puzzles! I have some 0.12 mdf, do you think there’s enough allowance to use it?
Thank you for the share!!


There might be, but here is an “un-optimized” version for 0.12" width material:
8 Piece Block Puzzle - All Pieces


Looks like fun. I know just the person to make it for.


Almost all of my wood & cardboard projects have been assembled with Elmers Clear.


I might have to rework this to make a version for chipboard (1.5mm nominal) for my daughter. Let her assemble the thing from scratch. :thinking:


If you included the pieces of scrap from the inside it would increase the challenge :smiling_imp:
Perhaps some photos included on the pieces as well?

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Don’t forget you can simply scale the entire design for a new material width, (desired)/(given)=(scale).

This presumes the new design size is suitable, so there are limits.


Not quite sure if this is close enough (0.0625"):
8 Piece Block Puzzle - All Pieces (1)

I included photos of the pieces apart and assembled in the original post. Are they not loading? (I did not yet share of photo of the solution. I don’t just want to give it away!)


This puzzle looks like a fun challenge for everyone in my family, from my 99 year old dad to my 9 year old granddaughter! Thank you for sharing it with us!


ha! I did the first three pieces (by hand) after I posted, planned to print them to test the fit this morning before doing the rest. I first scaled it to fit onto a single sheet of chipboard - which are 12x12 (I made it 11" wide), your design is a bit wider…

Did you write the algorithm to create these?


change the square piece to a short angle (green in picture). and omit the long piece 4 unit straight piece, and you’ve got a SOMA cube


I was thinking in terms of a photo cube :laughing: like a photo of friends or a landscape on the sides of the cube :laughing:


That would make it too easy, in my opinion.

I’ve made at least a dozen puzzles, geometric and unusual shapes that can only be assembled one way. I have to re-arrange the pieces before cutting so the grain of the material doesn’t give away clues - or make from different types of material to mix things up. The best ones are from acrylic because you don’t know whether a piece goes in one way up, or the other.


Oh, very cool—thank you!

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Perhaps make it a puzzle for yourself, that putting it together in different ways make different pictures. The puzzle becomes how to create the different pictures that would work that way. :smiling_imp:

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nah… I just make them to frustrate my daughter and friends.

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Make it with the photos on the materials before cutting them up then. That way they can be frustrated trying to make them go together as photos.


That’s my point. Photos make them too easy. Jigsaw puzzles are a breeze.

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