Looking for Acrylic sheet sourcing suggestion for LED Lights

Hi all, I’ve been making some LED lights using this acrylic, and these bases, but the acrylic is just a little to thin to stand up in the base properly. Im hoping someone has figured out what works best and could help me out with some links or point in the right direction?

Thanks so much for any help!

You can cut small pieces of veneer and affix to the sides of the slot, narrowing it slightly but still allowing the acrylic to be centered over the lights.


hmm never thought of adjusting the actual base, ill play around with that. Ive seen some in stores that fit perfectly without any adjustment needed, so I know the acrylic is out there somewhere. Might be best for me to get an exact measurement and start looking around.

I figured someone probably went through the same research process here already though :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply!

What is the slot size?

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Ok, just use the caliper to check out sizes. The acrylic I have is .10 in, the amazon listing says the base opening is .18 in, but that doesn’t seem to factor in the little nubs inside to hold it in place. It seems like .13 in or .14 would be a perfect fit.

Proofgrade acrylic, and acrylic sold widely by other vendors is around .123. I haven’t found any that was .14.

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yeah thats what ive been seeing too. I find it odd that they dont fit with these bases though, and ive tried bases from multiple vendors and sources, they are all the same. I only find it odd because i know its out there, just cant find it yet :slight_smile: I think next steps would be to contact some acrylic suppliers and see what they can offer. HUGE thanks for the replies, much appreciated!

More research is showing 4mm might be the sweet spot, and I see some of that on amazon. Im going to order some to test.

I just cut shims from cardboard for each corner. IIRC, last time I just used a scrap from a beer carton. It can’t be seen once everything is assembled.

Another thing you can do is just add a few drops of UV resin on the acrylic in just the fit area to fine tune the fit. If you don’t have a uv cure light you can just set it out in the sun for 20 minutes.

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