Looking for an SF Glowforge to use Sunday/Monday

Hello! I am looking for someone who would be willing to let me run about 25 sheets of acrylic through their glowforge. I’m making 55 small boxes, on a sample took about 4:30 for a single box and I can fit at least 2 on a sheet (maybe 3, didn’t try to pack it in).

I’m traveling and building an exhibit in SF, and logistics are making it tough. Right now would be easy to find a glowforge, but otherwise will figure out a laser cutter at a local maker space (alternatively if you have a recommended space in SF/Oakland let me know!)

I will bring my own material (non-proofgrade acrylic) and definitely buy you a lunch of your choosing :slight_smile:

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The Daly City Joann’s apparently has a Glowforge if you don’t find one.



I got so excited, then called and their reservation system isn’t up and they won’t let me use it. Maybe next time :slight_smile:

There is a second bay area location, if that is an option.

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