Looking for best place for material supplies in UK

Hi All
Does anyone have any recommendations for good UK suppliers for laser cutting materials?

I’ve had a search but no supplier has stood out to me. I’m looking particularly for different woods and acrylics so if any one’s using somewhere with great products at good prices I’d be grateful to know.

Did you search here? This discussion comes up a lot, including quite recently.


I use Hobarts for acrylics and plywood (their Italian Ply is ever so light and cuts like butter!)

I use LaserSupplies for my MDF - I asked them to put up a Glowforge sized sheet 500 x 280 for us glowforge users - that fits the cutting area exactly.

Kixtronix I look at, but rarely order from.

There is also DaisyMoon, I used to order their MDF from Amazon

Then there is Amazon, mostly for the other stuff like canvas, slates etc


Try Julie Lawrie check her out on Facebook she’s located I’m canada but ships everywhere her acrylic cuts like butter

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Thanks for all your help guys, lots to check out, really appreciate the recommendations :grin: