Looking for big circle-need to cut in two halves-any help please?

Im attempting to cut a 17or 18 inch circle but need to make in two halves but no idea how to make a template to do it? Can some one please help me? I want only the curve and not the solid line. TIA

Not sure what you mean by wanting the curve not the solid. I’m also going to move this out of the “Free laser designs” section as it is for people who are posting a design that they want to share.

What design program do you use? I use inkscape

Yup - you’ll need a design program. I’m an AutoCAD user and would draw a circle at the specified diameter, draw a line through the middle, trim 1/2 of the circle off and plot to PDF.

Upload the PDF to the GF and whallah. But you have to have an app to get precision.

Here you go. I think this is what you mean?

18in circle half

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thanks much and sorry for posting in wrong section

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No worries that got straightened out by someone else. Many of us have done that, me for sure.

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