Looking for hex puzzle maker "kind of"

I’m looking for a hex and a square puzzle maker but with no tabs. I can just make a bunch of hexes and go that route but thought if there was a maker would just simplify it a bit. No big deal if not just wondered is all looked on the search found a couple but they use tabs and I have an idea I want to play with that doesn’t allow tabs. Thanks.

You’re just looking for a grid of hexagons?

That’s pretty simple to make in any vector program… but I bet it’s out there.

Sure enough:


leads you to a lot of options, including this one:

With just a tiny bit of work you could turn this into a puzzle.


Thanks swear I searched but regardless I didn’t find it and you did thanks. And I know I could just create it but just figured if it was already out there might as well just use that.

Thanks again.

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@evansd2 has the GF search-fu nailed :slight_smile:


Ah this is a google trick. I like to add “inurl:svg” to my image searches. It’s really great for narrowing the results.

Anyway glad you’re on your way to success :slight_smile:


So that’s your magic trick! I feel l like I just saw the wizard behind the curtain.

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Hah, wizard? Nah, I’m just an apprentice at best. There are people here who run circles around me.

But I hope that trick helps you out! :slight_smile:

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