Looking for inspiration--holder for multiple decks of playing cards

I play a board game which uses, no kidding, more than a dozen decks of cards. I’m currently using plastic bins as shown below to hold the cards, but this clearly isn’t a great solution.

There are some additional complications. The decks are color-coded, so it would be nice if there was a way to see the top card instead of relying on labels. Cards also need to be replaced on the bottom of the deck after use.

What would you build to solve this problem?

I guess the simplest thing would be a long box with labeled dividers. That may be the best solution because it’s easy and space efficient, but it would conceal the artwork on the card backs.

The next simplest thing would be something like the image below, but with wells that were sized better for the cards, and tiered like theater seats. That design has good visibility and utility, but it is inflexible… When an expansion comes out that has a new deck, where do you put it?

Maybe a unit that has 2 tiered wells would be best. You’d just have several of them on the table. That way you get easy access, visibility, and expandability… at the cost of some wasted space.

Any ideas?

The current solution–I have to use a few of these. And look at the sloppy tier in the upper right, made from scrap packing foam:


Those look a lot like Arkham Horror cards?


Maybe try something tacklebox style with two stacked layers that can stagger out. The decks could then be in small open-ended deck boxes that can lift up out of their cubbies at an angle. Thumb indents on those deck boxes would let you see the colors while hiding any other art and draw top cards easily. The propped angle would allow you to put the cards back without much issue.


Is the game helped by the top card being clearly visible? I mean, is artwork visibility basically a requirement, or just something that would look better, but not actually have a meaningful impact on the game?

For instance, the resource cards in Settlers of Catan are nice and all, but being able to see all of the artwork isn’t really necessary.


I make deck cases. For something like that game, the best solution would probably just be a long rectangular box with the space to encompass 2.5 inches tall, 3.5 inches deep, and however wide it needs for all the cards. Little wooden spacers put into the walls… If I had a week, let me make a mock-up. If you like it, I could send it.


I cut these dividers by hand, hoping the glowforge can help me with these next time.

The game is “Dominion” and I strongly recommend it.


I used to play Magic: The Gathering and I though those were a lot of cards, THAT is a lot of cards :sweat_smile:


@ihermit2 – yep, Arkham Horror. :slight_smile: You should see what I did to organize all the other smaller cards and tokens… This game is insane, as you know!

@Hirudin – Being able to see the top card makes it a little easier to quickly draw from the right deck, but it isn’t critical. The game board has colored/named areas that correspond to the decks. It seems to be a little easier to see at a distance that you are in a yellow area and need a yellow card, rather than looking for the area’s name and matching it to a label. Seeing the color of the top card is just a nice-to-have feature.

@likeablejerk – good idea, thank you!

@Sawa – I think I get what you are saying. If it’s something you’re already working on I would love to see it, but please don’t go out of your way.

@dpmarkman – Simple dividers are probably the best bang for the buck.

Thanks everyone, lots to think about!


Is the game 624 card pick-up?


Saw a bunch of platform like things when I was google image searching for an image of the back of the cards to verify my guess. Probably could redesign those if something looks good to be laserable

I"m a big fan of Arkham Horror! I’ve also seen a few custom boxes for holding the bits… and you could just make a series of holders to go along the edges of the game. like 3 sided boxes that the bottom is angled up slightly. so card draw is easy and stacking wont damage the cards. Could be a fun design challenge :smiley:

One of my first projects for the Glowforge is going to be making a Dominion box! I have a few idea, I’ll probably post them once I actually have time to design them.

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I’m thinking of a deck deck…width x length x height…slotted and slanted…like a casino housing…only built upward…with multiple slots front and back to remove and replace a card.

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If you designed the little boxes like deck shoes in the casino and draw from the bottom instead of the top you’d see the backs and you could place the discards on the “bottom” of the deck pretty easily since it would now be the top as it faced you.


What game is that? I hate it when a game comes with tons of cards and no way to properly store them. The worst offender in my experience is Battle at Kemble’s Cascade. Seven or eight different decks of cards in three different sizes and Nary a tuck box in sight!

Edit… I should read the whole thread before I post :wink:

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Thanks everyone!


Would love to know if there is a Dominion Laser cut carry-box available.
It is a fantastic game, but the box itself is hopeless at holding the cards without mess and shocking for traveling with the game

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