Looking for local users please (Bakersfield CA or Central Valley)

Any GF users in the Bakersfield CA area or Central Valley?

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I updated your title so people can see where you are without clicking into the topic – might help it get to the people it needs to. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!!

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I’m in San Jose, still not that close though

Bakersfield! There is at least one or two others here in town, as well.

Somethings borked with the Google Glowforge map that we had for so long. It’s been helpful to see where they are.

Never heard of that.

That’s a bummer. I did save a backup about a year ago so I could restore those, but nothing that might have been added since that time. Why do people have to mess stuff up?

Update: Okay, I added data that was current as of April 2017. Please everybody, leave the map alone except to add your data!

And by the way, link to the map is here.


Another reason why the Everything Else category shouldn’t auto close.


Does moving it to BTM unlock it? Probably not.

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