Looking for plastic

Where is everyone getting their plastic from? I’ve been waiting for Glowforge to have more in stock but no luck so far.

1/4 inch 12x20 inch

Welcome to the forum. There are lots of acrylic suppliers - Tap Plastics, eplastics, Johnson Plastics Plus, Amazon, Inventables to name a few.


Searching the forum for “acrylic source” would have found these and more.


And Google. Some suppliers stock sizes specific for GF (12x20), others may have better deals if you have a jig saw and can cut down from a 1/4 panel (or larger, pending your needs/space).

Also check fabrication shops in your area–I get a lot as scrap material from a shop, though it’s always a surprise what they have. ChemCast is a good manufacturer for cast acrylic, and carried by many distributors/sources, especially for transparent colors.


Thank you all. I ordered some from Tap plastics. Good prices too.


I should check tap again, last I looked I think estreet was a tad cheaper. Maybe it’s changed.

I order acrylic custom cut from Acme Plastics. Might not be lowest cost, but it’s good quality.

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