Looking for Rock/Brick Texture SVGs


I’m creating some more miniature gaming pieces for my son, and I’d like to add some texture to the front of some of the pieces. I was hoping to find either brick or stone textures as an svg somewhere that I can just plop on top of my design. Does anyone know where I can find such files? I did a google search, found a bunch, but none of them were in the SVG format.

I’m almost at the point of creating my own.

Thanks in advance.


@m_raynsford has a cobbled street SVG on his blog. I’m not sure if it helps. He might have some bricks / rocks on there somewhere too.


That blog is awesome! It is something like that I’m looking for. But more “stoney”. :slight_smile:



Yes he does create some really cool stuff. Even better is he has another blog on the Just Add Sharks site. Being a fan of Westworld I really want to make the maze.


like this, or different?


More something like this:

But as an SVG with just the outlines of the “stones”.


Here’s a jpg of 4-color vectorization by http://vectormagic.com

I didn’t pay for the SVG, but setting each color to a different engrave setting might work…


As an intermediate step, I’d also maybe try GIMP’s Map > Make Seamless filter (or similar in your image editor of choice) to make your image infinitely tile-able prior to vectorizing. That way you could scale down your graphic and still completely fill whatever geometry you’re texturing. :slight_smile:


Would something like these work? I’ve not used them, wouldn’t even know how at this point…:grin:


That is definitely more what I’m looking for.

@karaelena made one for me that I can probably use (he’s soooo awesome!). I’ll try it out tonight.

But if anyone else has any pointers to stone/brick SVGs, please send them my way.


I don’t really have any bricks or rocks on there yet, I tend to just find example images of these things online and redraw them myself. Any black and white image can be redrawn or automatically traced pretty quickly.


It’s Kirsty that does most of the blogging for Just Add Sharks but I’ll pass on the kind words.
She’s much better at finding good content and writing actual words, I tend to be a bit too close to the doing side of lasers :slight_smile:


Excellent suggestion!

Here are some seamless texture tutorials folks might find useful:

Affinity Photo https://vimeo.com/134838293
GIMP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKhs7F0hAik
Photoshop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E91EbgiYPU


Dave Graffam Models produces foldable paper designs of dungeons and buildings. They are normally in .pdf format but he also sells the photoshop files that might be converted. There are also free samples you can download to see if they are worth your time.

You can find them on his site at http://davesgames.net/


Is that Oddjob from Kelly’s Heroes?


Sure is - I am avoiding the negative waves and being optimistic about my glowforge coming soon!