Looking for rounded flat circles

I just got my laser (YAYAYAYAY) and have a client asking for something like this

That could be etchable. Any ideas for a source?




or wooden disks?



If you want to get into buttons, I would recommend that you stay away from the badge a minute products. I had one for years and I really hated all the time I put into trying to make it work well, you can follow the instructions to the letter and still make a failed button. I now use these exclusively:

Instead of making a button in around a minute I can do it a matter of 10-15 seconds. sometimes faster. Its so fast that I have books full of designs that customers can choose from and watch me make it before their eyes before they even know its done. The button parts themselves and the machines are made here in the US from American sourced steel.


Thanks guys!

He’s wanting them as key chains so the button idea probably won’t work. But those wooden disks may! I’ll look into it more!

If you google keyrings you’ll find the different types of rings for the key chains in quantity pricing.

You can cut wood and leather to size. There are plenty of posts around here about anodized aluminum dog tags, but I would think you could find round anodized aluminum blanks.

Is your client okay with having something colored and then etching away the logo? It would seem the less labor-intensive way to go.

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The Ringlord has round blanks as well as dog tags :slight_smile:

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Awesome, Thanks guys!! I placed a small order to see if the wooden blanks recommended by @bwente will do the trick. My customer wants 500 of them so fingers crossed it’ll be what he wants!

I’m sure there are similar vendors in the USA.