Looking for some help on a project

Hello everyone. I am currently trying to make a retirement gift for someone that works with me. At our place we are given either gold or silver coins that allow us to take time off but still get paid when we use them. Kind of a thank you for your extra effort thing. But anyway I found the gold coin on the internet that we use. I would like to put it on a 10" in round circle and make it resemble the coin. What I am wondering is there a way to cut out the text and the little images on the coin and make them separately and then attach them to it? Maybe like do an outline where they go and then attach them? I would need to do both sides of it for it to look right. I am using Inkscape for my editing software. Here are the pictures of the coin. Thanks in advance.

I would redraw the design from scratch. Find matching fonts to retype the same text, and trace (by hand) the top shooting star. Then cut out all those parts and glue them on your round.

If the design work is beyond your ability for now, you can probably find someone to do it for $5 on Fiverr.


So how would I know which type of person I would need?

Click the link in my reply above. I pre-filled the search for you.


Thanks. Iā€™m going there now.

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