Looking for Stud Earring cut FILES (for purchase)

Preparing for an upcoming show, would love to design them myself but I’m running out of time :frowning:
I have hundreds of designs for the dangle earrings, but I want to incorporate the cute little studs.
I already searched on Etsy but there were very very few.
Thanks for any suggestion!!!

Really few on etsy? That’s surprising, because it’s usually full of earrings.

Maybe it’s the search terms you used? I tried “stud earrings laser svg” and got a lot of results… maybe you already saw all these though?


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I have never used etsy, and I found 160 matches, many appearing to contain multiple designs.


There are a few of this one vendor (Rose of sharon digital) I bought a couple but I wanted more variety. Other than those, the other earrings are dangle earrings, I already have hundreds of those, lol, and the other 154 listings are for stud earrings themselves, not files.
Thanks for looking though!!!

Thank you! I did see those already, I was hoping for more variety.
After the first few results, a lot of the others are the actual earrings themselves, not cut files.
I will just have to make a huge pot of coffee and stay up late tonight to create my own. LOL
But thanks for searching!!!

You know, as far as a studs go, there’s not quite so many things to do with them. Are you engraving small icons onto little circles?

If so, you might want to look at the noun project (https://thenounproject.com/) for some good simple icons and shapes, which you can scale to fit your stud size pretty easily. Their licensing terms are easy to figure out, it’s inexpensive and clear.

I think maybe why you’re not seeing too many designs for sale is that the designs are often really trivial and don’t sell as well as the more elaborate dangle earrings.


Yeah, there aren’t that many results and a lot of them are from the Noun Project (which I believe breaks their TOS, but the person in question doesn’t agree). It’s too bad you’re out of time. They are actually super easy to make, but you can’t create time where there is none.


I know someone who has yet to learn that lesson. 38 years of believing in magical time and still going strong.

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Thank you so much for the suggestion!!! That’s what I ended up doing, using small icons to engrave!
Didn’t take long. I probably spent as much time searching for files as I did creating them and I got exactly what I wanted. :slightly_smiling_face:
Coffee sure helped a lot!


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