Looking for suppliers - New Glowforge owner (Haven't received my Pro yet, ordered a week ago)

Hi there! Excited to get my GF Pro, hopefully by the estimated date. In preparation for arrival, there are products I will be making. One is cutting boards. Does anyone have a good and reliable supplier for bare cutting boards, ready to be engraved? Quality and cost are key. I am also looking for recommendations on where to get other products such as acrylic. I know there are proof grade, but keeping all options open. All of these need to be made in the USA.

Welcome to the forum.
If you utilize the search function of this forum you will be rewarded with 5 years of experience and posts - especially with regard to material suppliers.


I did look, however, a lot is dated. I was looking for more up to date information if anyone has it out there.

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The acrylic suppliers have not changed: Johnson Plastics Plus, Tap Plastics, eStreet, Canal Plastics, Inventables, Cerulean Tides, Trotec to name a few.


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