Looking for support!

I’m throwing this up here because it’s been a week since I have heard back from support!

I am getting the dreaded open lid fault. We tried replacing the black ribbon with no luck. After some back and forth (3 days between responses at time on their end) it sounds like the best solution is to receive a refurbished machine and send this one back. Which is a bummer but I do appreciate the option.

A week ago I responded with all the info asked so that I could receive an invoice. I have heard nothing since. If I was to rewind since my first message to support on this issue which was on 1/11 we are at essentially a month. This is getting ridiculous and I really hope that Glowforge makes the move to add a phone number to their service. We are a school district with multiple machines in use across different buildings and the loss of a machine mid project for this long with this kind of support is really tough to swallow.

Moving forward we will have to consider a different company for new machines if this continues!

As you probably know, Support no longer monitors this forum. Only other users are reading this post. Glowforge does have phone support in addition to email. Unfortunately those are the only two avenues of contact and there are reports that the support personnel are quite backed up at the moment.


The number is new to me. I will give it a shot thanks for the response.

Support won’t know when you can get a new machine as they don’t assemble or refurbish/repair them.

They have to wait for the company that does that work to give them an estimate as to when your place in line will come up. That could take some time and you won’t generally hear back until they get information they can share.

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