Looking for thick finished walnut plywood while waiting for restock?

I’ve been waiting and watching for the 1/4" walnut plywood to restock for awhile. My most popular item is on it and I’m running dangerously low in supply.

With the pandemic I need to try and maintain whatever sales I can so I am trying to find a suitable source for it in the meantime.

I believer GF cited Inventables as their original material source, but the walnut plywood they offer is not the right thickness and says only one side is in good condition.

I’m having trouble sourcing a replacement because I am looking for 1/4" inch thickness with a finish on both sides like the proofgrade material.

Does anyone have any decent source for thick Walnut plywood?

I’d also love any kind of information on an ETA for the restock if possible, I have email notifications set up but every day that goes by makes me a bit more and more concerned.


Support doesn’t have information on materials, they are sourced and sold by another organization.

Walnut ply is often out of stock for weeks at a time. If you are selling products cut from it, you need to find a more reliable source. You have one suggestion, but in general, search for woodworking supply stores. You might find a local source that you can depend on.

Ocooch has a very similar product: https://ocoochhardwoods.com/plywood/ (bottom of page). It is similar to the Proofgrade, with an MDF-like core and thin walnut veneer on each side. The veneer is unfinished, unlike the Proofgrade. I prefer this, but it may make a difference to your workflow.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any information on the restocking schedule. I’m hoping it comes back soon too! Since you’re not currently having any issues we can resolve, I’m going to move this thread to Beyond the Manual.

I use Smokey Hills walnut and it is finished on both sides (not masked), and cuts great!

I know this Etsy store has 2-sided finished 1/4" walnut plywood in stock if that would help. I have used it before myself and I can give you the settings for 1 pass cutting if you would like.

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I ordered some walnut from them to try out and got it today, it’s a little too thick for the glowforge’s default cutting setting, do you have any recommendations on the cutting setting for their walnut?

I use 125/full for the quarter inch walnut from Smokey Hills.

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