Looking to borrow Glowforge Maryland / Eastern shore Area

Glowforge friends!! I hate admitting this but ya girl is desperate… again. My machine is currently down… even after a replacement black lid cable was sent to me from GF.

I have just a few orders I am trying to get out for my customers. I am located in Ocean City Maryland, looking for anyone close by that can help.

I have 3 Santa cookie boards and 2 acrylic/ wood ornaments. 1/8 inch each but 1/4 would work.

Is there anyone in this group that has the time slash supplies for any of these items?

As always willing to pay for the material time and shipping. I have everything designed that I can send. Just trying to make my customers happy at this point.

Pictures of the board I was using and another to show the ornament style. I know one cookie board can be made on another board. I can also check with my other two customers on their boards as well.


A few folks posted in this thread:

You might try contacting directly…

Good luck!

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