Looking to pay someone to print (4) 5x10 clear acrylic pieces and overnight to me asap

Hello, my machine is down and I have an order that needs to go out friday. Does anyone have 4 pieces of 5x10 clear acrylic that would be able to print from my files and overnight them to me tomorrow, or better yet is within driving distance of Nashville, TN??

Everything is, if you have enough time. What would you consider “drivable”?

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haha true…2 hours maybe?

Welp Atlanta’s right out then.

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If I cant find a closer solution i’ll let you know, thanks!

Oh I wasn’t offering, unfortunately. My machine is currently having issues too! Just started last night, :frowning:

ooh bummer, what problem are you having? Mine is saying lid open even though its not

Mine’s just not cutting through things for some mysterious reason. Not sure why not.

1/8 or 1/4 acrylic?

Sadly I don’t think I have enough of either, but I could hit TAP on the way home easily enough if no one else can help!


Sorry to hear your having issues. I hope you get them fixed. We used to live in Donelson across from Target on Lebanon Pike. Now we are a little farther than a 2hr drive…okay maybe a lot farther ;0) wish we could help.

Did you clean your optics? Lens in backward? :slight_smile: (sorry that was uncalled for)


Ahh bummer haha thanks though, hope your enjoying Nevada!

i have the materials. post the design and I will see if I have the time to run 5 of them today. What is the run time projected on each? I am not local, would be a fex-ex-pensive deal

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I cleaned the lense a few days prior with the zeiss wipes.

Sorry, That was directed at @evansd2 I’m sure he checked those things.


Yes as a matter of fact I did :slight_smile:


is your power set to 1? ok I’m done now


Wait,you mean I have to turn the Glowforge on first?


my window for making these will close eventually. please decide if you need my help

Okay. I’m out the door so I can no longer assist tonight.
Good luck!

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