Loose screw found during setup

I just received my machine. This screw was found in the location as seen in the picture. Anyone have any idea where it goes or where to look? I want to continue with setting up my machine. Thank you!

Kinda looks like one of these standoff screws

Edit: just added some arrows because reasons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you for your fast response! I checked there. They are both there, doesn’t look like one is missing.

Not a problem, I was lurking around my machine anyway hehe. Hopefully it is a “spare” one left in during manufacturing but the support staff might have a better idea of where it is from.

Thank you! I’ve emailed them. I hope they respond fast. I really want to use my machine. I’m scared to start if that screw goes somewhere and not there by accident

Better safe than sorry. Opening a topic here in the P&S section opens another ticket which might slow down response time a little bit if they need to combine them but they are usually pretty good at getting back to you within a day or 2 after you message them. you will get an automated message first then someone will get the ticket and help you out.

Thanks, @primal_healer, you’re correct about the identity of this screw. @robinnreed, I just followed up to your email with some next steps to determine whether this is a spare screw or not. I’m going to close this thread so we can keep working on it there.