Losing my patience- 3 weeks down, got the "send it back we'll send a refurb" email, 48 HOURS NO RESPONSE!

WHAT is it going to take to get action on my email from 2 days ago? This is ridiculous! I’ve been DOWN for 3 WEEKS LEADING INTO THE BUSIEST TIME OF THE YEAR!! I’m losing patience!! There’s NO REASON this should be taking so long!! HORRIBLE!! I know my income doesn’t matter to the company, but it matters to me AND MY FAMILY!! This is NOT customer service!! I expect communication today!!

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Hi @azmartins5,

I’m terribly sorry for the amount of time you’ve been stuck not being able to print. Your business and your family mean a great deal to us, but I realize we’ve let you down.

I’ve followed up directly in an email to you with everything you need to get this sorted out so you can get another printer. Since we’re chatting there, I’m going to close this thread.

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