Losing object when I switch it form cut ot engrave

Yes its me again. I am working on this “dipstick” it is going to be two sided. with gallons on one side and 1/4 1/2 etc on the other. Finally got most of it to work, but when I bring it into the GF app it sets the hash marks as CUT lines. When I switch them to Engrave, they Disappear. WHAT!??

Ps yes I know its longer than the board, and am rotating it on an angle to get
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Your hash marks are lines, and they need to be shapes to engrave.

If you want them to be laser-thin and not be engraved, just set them to be a score or cut and set the power very low. You’ll get a laser-thin score line.

If you want them engraved to the same thickness as that line stroke, go into your SVG and (if using Inkscape), select the hashes and choose “Path->stroke to path”. It will make the hashes skinny little filled rectangles, ready for engraving. You already did something similar when you changed your text to shapes using object to path, so this should seem familiar.


awesome thanks. Learn something new…

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If you’ve never gone through a Jules boot camp post, it will jumpstart your skills in a big way.


OK next issue, why does the red CUT line show up in the preview pic on the left as cutting all the way around but on the screen only one line is red.

In that case - the grayed out line is attached to the circular bulb which has crossed onto the gray no-cutting zone because of the engraves in it.

The size of the bed for engraves is smaller than it is for cuts. Given the size of the stick…you might not be able to engrave it except at a slower speed/lower power. If you over-ride the settings and lower both the speed and the power for the engrave, you might be able to make it work without modifying the file.

You’ll want to run some speed and power tests on a small engraved rectangle in an unused corner to get the settings you like before trying to engrave the stick. As you decrease the speed and lower the power, the bed area will get wider. Stop when the stick fits completely on the bed.


I moved the stick around a little and now they all show up! THANKS!!


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