Loss of power and/or Internet

Just wondering what the impact of losing power and/or internet will have while the GF is running a job…

Will the GF be able to resume the job once the power is back on, or will you need to start the job again from scratch?

I understand the Internet connection is used to determine the cutting paths, but is it required once a job has started? If you lose the Internet connection (flakey service) will this halt the cutting?

Any Betas testers has experience of this?

I was thinking that maybe hooking the GF to a cheap UPS might be a good idea.


Welcome @Tex99 to the forum. Here is a comment from @dan about power loss and a pretty good topic that discusses the ins and out of backups and such. It would be great to get some field data and experience to see how this works in real life, especially in terms of resuming the job from where it was left off.


I just wanted to give a quick +1 on this.

I was wondering exactly the same thing. My assumption, is that for most jobs when we upload a design, tool path is determined, and then that information is transmitted to the GF in it’s entirety before beginning the job. However I don’t know. If there is no reason to read camera/imaging data during the cut (edge flip for double sided cut would be an exception) and send it back to the cloud for on the fly processing, then I can’t see why the tool path data wouldn’t be sent in bulk to prevent exactly what you mentioned. Otherwise, I think folks with unstable (satellite lol) internet connections will have constant problems. Maybe already answered somewhere out there in forum land, but I didn’t find it.

There is a buffer where your job will be stored. From what @dan has said, most jobs will fit in the buffer. So if you lose internet, your job will finish as long as its not a huge job. If it is a big job and it doesn’t all fit in the buffer, it will stop and then restart when you get internet connection back.

As for power loss, I think thats a different issue. I thought I read somewhere that if you lose power in the middle of a job, then you need to restart the job. I was looking for a quote, but I can’t find it. :frowning2:

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Found it! There is a good discussion on UPS’s in here as well.


So is a dedicated UPS a good idea?

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Can’t hurt for the very brief power outages and spikes. Remember to put the modem/wireless router on a UPS too and most times you’ll never be bothered by those few second glitches.


Yep, all of the above are needed and easy to forget. In my case they’re in substantially different places in the house which means 3 UPS devices.

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What about simulated SINE wave forms?


I got one of these a little over a year ago on the cheap during a sale. Right now all that’s on it is my cable modem and wireless router. How long would this run a GF? (It’s the 1500va, 900w supply)

We’ve only tested with true sine wave, not simulated.