Loss of Power; how can I start up my project where it left off

I’m working on an engraving for a fundraiser and this is my 3rd attempt on this project ( a series of errors on my part). Third try was going to be the lucky charm and everything was going great and then I lost power and my machine stopped. I’m 45 minutes into a 90 min engraving project…is there anyway to get the machine to pick up where it left off? So frustrated. Appreciate any suggestions.

Ouch. That is a hard one. There is no way to recover automagically.

There is a way to break down the engraving into what hasn’t been engraved, get the line up perfect and resume. Depends on the engrave and the line up of design to the material.



You can try to manually cut the file into the remaining section and align it but it will be noticeable.


Thank you, I’m so bummed out.

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I’m going to take my chances and lay a piece of scrap over the already engraved section and hit start in hopes that it lines up and is salvageable…would be a great feature for them to add to the capabilities of the machine in the future. I really appreciate your quick reponse to my Q.


The machine has no way of tracking where it was. There is a bug in the pass-thru software that skips the first line of an engrave when starting the next step - it’s not an alignment issue, the laser simply isn’t fired for that first pass. I reported it years ago while passthru was still in beta and only available to a select few, but it was never addressed.

The point to bringing it up here is that I have had to manually correct for this, using pencils or similar (depending on the material) - you might have to do the same.


I have done it. As long as you haven’t moved your material or the design. Just do as you said with a scrap piece covering everything already engraved. Make sure you focus on the good piece and not the scrap. In my case I erased everything already engraved and saved some time but if you can’t do that then your plan should work.


Sadly they dont have it where you can restart at a specific point. I bought a UPS for my machine for the case of power loss. It is well worth it.


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