Lost in shipment

My most recent order of materials arrived day before yesterday while I was at work, and my husband put it in my Glowforge room for me. I finally got a chance to go unpack it this evening when I got home, happily anticipating spending the weekend making stuff I’d been waiting for materials for…but I’m out of luck.

The top flap was lying flat, and my husband didn’t know what was supposed to be in the order, so he didn’t realize how much heavier it should have been, or that it had been opened. Unfortunately, however, the tape was frayed/stretched and broken, and the only thing in the box was the 3 pages of packing list information and two sheets of yellow acrylic.

I’m missing 10 sheets of leather, 3 sheets of basswood ply, and 14 sheets of acrylic that fell out somewhere along the way because the contents of the box were too heavy for the tape that was used to seal it.

I’ve been amazed that things actually arrived intact previous to this, as the packing is really less than stellar. But this time I have lost nearly my entire order.

Now what?


P.S. Also FWIW, I have customers waiting on stuff I can’t make without what was in the box…


P.P.S. Also the “purchase history” page is broken.

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i’m surprised this is the first time i’ve actually seen someone report product missing from the proofgrade boxes. the boxes are poorly designed and poorly sealed. every box i’ve gotten has been on the verge of coming apart. it couldn’t cost more than a few cents per box to have larger, overlapping flaps that don’t suck.


AND it’s the weekend now, so I’m SOL for the next 2 days plus however long it takes to ship me replacements. :frowning:

At least I’m pretty sure they will make good on it, so there’s that.

Yikes! Hope they get you taken care of quickly!

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You may find that you are better off looking for a local supplier in this case. Though you have to be careful; I was sold extruded when I ordered cast acrylic and didn’t notice until I was halfway through the project.

I hope you get your materials quickly! I have always received my materials in a timely and secure manner. When I received my Glowforge Pro, all handles were gone and the Glowforge box was 1/4 ajar. The second box which had the crumb tray, I watched the UPS guy drop it off the back of the truck. :frowning: I don’t know if anything was missing in the GF box, nothing was broken tho. I did email the GF team to alert them as I was so startled by this. I do hope they begin to secure the boxes more/better/differently?!

Oh, that’s a huge bummer! Guess I’ve been lucky so far…I’ve had a few arrive with the boxes banged up and the tape starting to peel up at one end, but everything has arrived intact inside. :frowning:

They actually go a little overboard (IMO) on the large sheets - they might be able to get by with heavy sheets of cardboard around the product with some shrink wrap for protection, but I can see that folks would get really ticked at losing a $60 sheet if something happened to it. Those boxes they use are honking huge though, and they have to fill up so much of them with the air bags.


Thank you for letting us know about this. I’m sorry that your shipment wasn’t complete.

I’ve added Shop credit for the missing materials to your account. I’ve also passed along the information about your order so we can investigate how this happened.

Thank you for letting us know about this, and my apologies for the mistake.