Lost Keys - Airtag 🗝

Two weeks ago I dropped the kids off at school, came home and put my keys somewhere. Coincidentally that was the first time I noticed that the AirTag battery was low.
I tried to ping the AirTag which was inside of a store-bought keychain case.
It notified me that my AirTag was somewhere in the house, however the battery was too low to activate the ringing.
Fast forward two weeks and I know that the keys are still in the house somewhere, the tracking mode to try to find it does not find the keys, so I went to the hardware store and had a back up dummy key made.

I took the AirPod out of my car and made this phenomenal keychain holder for it from the catalog.

I highly recommend this design it was easy to assemble and while I didn’t have snaps I did have a chicago screw.


How great you were able to make the holder for your AirPod! But I do hope you find your lost keys soon! If you’re anything like me, they’re probably “right where you knew you would find them” - some place very obvious! That or they’re in the bottom of the laundry bin! :rofl:


A few months ago I flew to San Francisco to celebrate my younger son and his wife’s anniversary, and took my 13yo granddaughter with me. I named one of our airtags after her and had her keep it in her pocket when we were out hiking or sightseeing, so we could find her if we got separated somehow. I’ve never gotten around to renaming it, so now every time I leave the house I get a message saying “[Gkid’s name] has been left behind.” It still gives me a little start each time, but naturally I still haven’t remembered to change its name. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: