Lots of charring on bottom of PG basswood

There was a thread about this topic but it has since been removed. So far everything I’ve made whether big or small using Pg basswood has charred greatly on the bottom. It does not come off with alcohol…it is actually burnt into the wood.


Are you using the default settings? And, are you peeling off the mask before you cut? The masking is so helpful in preventing the backflash-then needing sanding!

I am using the GF settings. It’s the basswood that came with my GF and I am not peeling off the masking.

And when you peel off the masking, there’s still burn marks?

Sure are. You can feel grooves in fact where the burn marks are. And I wasn’t close to the edge of the piece. I was making hoops for earrings.

Basswood plywood or hardwood? Do they even have a basswood hardwood setting?

Threads don’t get removed here. It might just be hard to find. :slight_smile:

I’d try lowering the power a little bit, or else increasing the speed.

I just noticed that the thickness of my medium PG cherry wood and medium PG basswood is substantially different. I used my digital caliper and sure enough there is quite a difference. I’m going to enter the exact width of the basswood and try again. My settings already were for low power and higher speed.

As you’re using PG material and PG settings your material can be refunded by :glowforge:
It sounds like you may have a power issue, but to QA that you’re going to need to print the Gift of Good Measure (from your dashboard) on a piece of PG wood, using PG settings with no modifications. Start a new topic in Problems and Support and post pictures of the front and back as well as the time you printed it here and a staff member can help.

*edited to add P&S

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Actually post it in Problems and Support, or staff won’t see it. :slight_smile:

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I hadn’t noticed we were in the wrong category for that!

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I was checking with the community forum first to see if anyone else has had that happen.

I know. My message was because @deirdrebeth accidentally made it sound like posting in this section would get support’s attention. :slight_smile:

OH! Gotcha :slight_smile: