Lots of issues on my unit (just arrived) Not thrilled

Just got my unit it and I’m not that happy…
Unboxing issues so far. Not sure if I should continue or that’s what I get. I’m not a happy camper.

  • Big air bubble in the laser tube
    (not as worried about this one as it seems that works it’s way out when the system first cycles?)

*Grinding on the lid / Case isn’t square
The case is out of square and the lid doesn’t close unless I torque the body of the case while closing
Video of the case issues.

*Cracked Case
Corner looks like it is cracked, which isn’t a cosmetic issue, a crack is a structural / safety issue, I don’t want any errant beams having a path out.

*Cosmetic Issues
The mold has some sinking issues on the sides of the main body, not really an issue, but worth noting

Also a mismatch on the mold in the front of the main body where the lid meshes

*crud / scratches on the case trimIMG_1596
*Wierd machining mismatch on the rails on the inside of the case (may just be the design isn’t supposed to be flat)
*more lid griniding

*Bent Print head pins
Haven’t even installed it yet…


That sucks, contact support and they’ll swap it out. They are super quick getting replacements out.

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When you contacted support they didn’t offer to replace it? I remember these, the bent pins especially, from Facebook at least a week ago.

Sent the support email as I posted this. Figured I’d get a response faster with both post and email.

I think that was two people who have had the bent pins, no? I think the factory needs to be reminded to unplug that thing carefully after testing/calibration.

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That’s a heavy dose of problems. I will say one thing about the case and lid alignment: it’s not very rigid, so it’s quite sensitive to being on an uneven surface. When I first got mine, the lid on the right side appeared to be way higher than the case, but I discovered later that if I picked up the right side of the case, it would come into alignment with the lid. I put some shims under it until it was level. Now I have a more rigid table underneath and the lid height is perfectly lined up with the front on both sides. It still has a significant bow in it, but that’s as they say a known issue and it has mostly become a non-issue for me. I do wish it closed more meaningfully and maybe even had some rubber seals, since I have become obsessive about ventilation.

Anyway, yours looks terrible so that’s probably not the issue (and even if it is, it’s not the only one) but I figured I’d mention it as something to check.


That thing looks used and abused! I would certainly be pissed if I got one in that condition.

Unfortunately, you were right to stop unboxing. We’ll send email with information about swapping your unit momentarily.