Lots of smoke when making cuts

When I engrave or score I do not have an issue with smoke. However, when I cut something, it creates a lot of smoke where i have to unplug the smoke detector. I see it in the glowforge and it does not seem to be venting out fast enough. Could this be an issue with the air assist fan? When I first got it, I messed up the printer head lens and mirror. Both have been replaced. Any help would be apprecited.

Nothing to do with air assist, that just directs the smoke and debris away from the head where it would collect on the lens, leading to its rapid demise.

Smoke should never come from the (deliberate) openings around the lid unless your vent system is not working as designed. The machine is under a mild vacuum when everything is working correctly. Either your fan needs to be cleaned or you ducting is inadequate.

If your machine is relatively new then how is your duct set up?


How are you venting your machine and when did you clean the exhaust fan last?


I have only had the machine a few months and it does not have a lot of run time.
After researching some more, I think I need to clean the fan. I have the external vent and everything is sealed properly, I have tripled check.

Could the internal fan be off? Unless you have an EXTERNAL fan, it should be toggled OFF. (Mine is toggled ON because I have an external fan).

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Should be obvious by the louder than a $50 vacuum cleaner when printing, then peace is restored when not.

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