Loud clunking noise after turned on and about to scan

After I turn it on, it then does its usual ticks and then when it’s time for the head to move to start scanning, it makes this horrible clunking noise and refuses to move. I have powered off , cleaned and moved the head manually to make sure the belts were OK. At one point it seemed to work. Stopped making the noise but then wouldn’t center. I gave up for the day and now today it is back to not moving and making the loud noise. Someone help… I am not ok :cry:

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Have you tried, while off, gently and slowly pulling the arm forward and sliding the head under the camera, the close the lid and turn it on?

First thing to get out of the way, is the lid camera clean?

Many times too much lighting and /or material color(all bright white, all black) and it can’t find the head with the lid camera. Possibly also, something is going wrong with the black cable and that what the camera uses to communicate it’s data with.


I does that because it “thinks” it found the GF logo on the laser head but actually found something else and it’s trying to move the head to the center which is actually making the head try to move where it can’t physically get. There can be a few things that cause this: Something on the bed that it thinks is the logo (remove all material from the bed). Dirty lid camera lens. Dirty logo on top of the GF head. Sunlight or bright lights shining into the GF are examples of those things. I always cover my GF with a towel during the centering process to prevent exterior lights from effecting the centering process.

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Hello! @makingmemories I am very sorry about the problem you are running into with your Glowforge printer. I will do my best to get this issue resolved for you.

Can you reply back with your email that is associated with the Glowforge printer? If you’re not sure we can use the serial number that is located on the back right-hand side(same place as the power switch) of the printer.

Once I have this info, I can investigate the logs and take a better look at the problem. Thank you!