LOUD grinding/vibrating/sticking noise when cutting

Following the instructions from this post, Loud vibrating noise I am reposting the problem here.

I cleaned my Glowforge about a week ago and everything has been working perfectly since, until yesterday, at the end of the day, after it had been sitting idle for a few hours… then I did a simple job and it seems to make a seriously loud vibrating sound.

The noise sounds like its coming from the fan. It doesn’t sound good and sounds as though it may do damage eventually by wearing something down.

Is this the recommended cleaner for squirting into the fan?

Anyone else experienced this?


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Link from the Matrix :

If something flew off and stuck to a fan blade in the exhaust the unbalanced fan would make that noise. I have had the noise stop as the speed increased and what ever was such got shaken off.

The Novec is very nasty stuff in an enclosed area and very volatile. I cannot just “take the Glowforge outside” as disability and steep steps, much less no protected area makes such things impossible. So I tried doing it with exterior exhaust fans running but had little access.

Under those conditions the Novec dissolved lots of gunk then gathered in the bottom and evaporated leaving the gunk hard as glass and by the time it was chiseled out and the fan freed up it was totally dead.

I tried using it with just the exterior fans working and did till it quit altogether, so now it just sits packed up in the living room till I can find a printer that can print the label for delivery.

Greg thank you for your help… I’ve ordered the radioactive toxic foam… won’t be delivered till next year (wtf) but at least its a step in the right direction, so thank you :+1:

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@rbtdanforth thank you for your feedback… much appreciated… I will try and clean it manually without the toxic gunk first… man that stuff sounds severe

I’m sorry to hear of your troubles… I live in the UK and can not afford to send the machine back even if I do follow the official help guidelines… it cost $900+ to get the thing shipped here from the states

Thanks again for sharing :+1:


Thanks for linking to the Fan Maintenance page, @GregK , that’s right. I’m going to close this thread. @duncan - please open a new thread or email us if you have any issues after receiving and using the 3M Novec product.

The degreaser manufacturer recommends that you avoid breathing in dust, fume, gas, mist, vapors or spray and use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. We recommend cleaning outdoors because we can’t advise on whether or not a given indoor space is sufficiently well ventilated. However, you may be able to make that determination for yourself. You can find complete information on the product including the Safety Data Sheet here.