Loud noise/vibrating sound

Laser is making an extremely loud buzzing/vibrating sound. I know I have seen several others with this issue but no real solutions of what they have done to actually fix it. Any successful recommendations on how to make this go away? It used to be so quiet and now I can’t even be in my office when its running because it is so loud. Thanks in advance!


Haven’t personally had this issue, but from reading other similar posts, sounds like perhaps your rear exhaust fan…(the one that vents out through the big hose) might need to be cleaned. I’m sure someone else who knows more than I will chime in soon.


That’s exactly what happened when my exhaust fan got loaded up with junk. It was running out of balance.


Thanks for the suggestions @Jules and @Xabbess!

@thesunnynestdecor -

Would you please clean and inspect the exhaust by following these instructions:

Remove Hose from Unit
Squeeze the two ends of the ring clamp together and pull the clamp and the hose away from your Glowforge to remove them.

Vacuum Exhaust Connections
Use a vacuum to remove dust and debris from your Glowforge unit’s exhaust connection as well as from your outdoor exhaust vent. Then take a photo of the exhaust connection like the one below and attach it to your reply.

Try a Print

  1. Remove any material from the bed, leaving the crumb tray
  2. Turn the Glowforge on and go to app.glowforge.com
  3. Upload or select a simple, quick design, such as a single outline cut
  4. Click “Unknown” to select a material
  5. Search for and choose “Thin Natural Leather” as your material
  6. Start the print (Note: This may create some odor, but it is not hazardous)
  7. Take a video of the print
  8. Reply to this post to let me know how it goes, and send me the video

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email support@glowforge.com.