Loud rattling noise

My gf is running a tad louder in general. It seemed to work fine but once the project was finished it made a weird vibrating sound like something is stuck somewhere possibly or something is loose. I don’t see anything.

At the end of a job, the print head returns to the home position and recalibrates the focus mechanism inside, and the air assist and exhaust fans turn off. The most likely source of a vibrating sound is going to be the big exhaust fan at the back left of the machine. If it’s sucked in some debris, that could be the culprit. If it’s getting dirty and is no longer balanced, that can create some pretty heavy vibration when it’s spinning up to or ramping down from the high speed it runs at during a job. I would go attack that fan with some nylon brushes, compressed air or whatever you have on hand to keep it clean.


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