Love being able to do silly things for gifts and customizations for the holidays

Finally spent a couple of minutes to crank out a template…

To be able to change the saying on each and every pencil I send my kid to school with…

I look forward to seeing how many kids have these at the end of the year or the end of high school given the loss rate is 60-80 per semester. I’ve put something unique on the 100+ pencils in the cupboard now. I will continue to do this as we buy more. :wink:

And the other project was an ornament for a neighbor that invited us over for dinner the other night… it made for a nice surprise/gift that was personal for her. I knew she had a blog with a simplified hand-sketched logo and thought it would be nice to crank out something individualized for her. Again - glowforge for the win. :wink:

Hope you all have great holiday seasons!


The math whizzes in high school all had Pentel mechanical pens. I tried to copy them, but never had enough extra lead. It was Dixon Ticonderogas after that. Used to be made in Eldon, MO, not far from where I live now.

Pencils will remain a staple. Great work and precise positioning!


The pencil sayings are hilarious!!


I love the pencil captions!


Live them. Pretty clever.

BTW, occurrence is misspelled :wink:


I’ve always been a big fan of pencils, these are great. I also love the ornament for your neighbor … perfect idea!


That is hilarious and totally something I would do. (lose the pencils I mean.)