Love this shelf!

With an upcoming craft show next week, we wanted a better way to display our soy candles that we make. My husband asked if there was a way I could make it on my GF, which he knew I could, but wanted to make sure. I looked through the free designs and found @marmak3261’s file for this nice little shelf. Perfect! (And yes, there were others that would have worked as well, this is just the one I grabbed. So that you @marmak3261 for sharing this file way back when (2017! - way before I had a GF or even knew what one was!)


I really love that I could put my logo and even my QR code on the sides. I put it on both sides so it doesn’t matter which side is where.

The only thing I should’ve done differently was to adjust the slots, because it is a little wobbly. I think if I would’ve adjusted the slots to have a tighter fit, it would make it more sturdy. Hubs suggested I glue it, but I told him I want to have them come apart for flat transport so they don’t take as much room. I have some very thin foam that I’m going to glue in the slots which should help stabilize it. I mean, it’s fine the way it is, I just want it a little tighter since it’s got glass jars on it.


So, where’s the show?


It’s a yearly event held by an Amish store in Chuckey, TN, about an hour away from me. It’s quite large (even larger than the one I attended at the Knoxville Expo, with lots of vendors. We’ll set up on Thursday evening and the show is Friday and Saturday. We were impressed when we went to see it last year. I went into the store to see who I’d contact to be a vendor this year and she took my info and sent me an invite last month.


Lovely! I love your logo and QR addition


Good luck! Gives a nice presentation.


Thank you @Thumper369 and @ptodd!

The thin foam I put in the slots did the trick to make it stable. Next time I’ll adjust the slots before I cut! But I’m just thrilled with this shelf design. Especially that I can take it apart for easy storage and transport. :slight_smile:


Good for you! And I hope you have a great show.


Thanks! It’s supposed to rain on Friday though, so I’m not sure how that day will go. Saturday will be cool and cloudy. :roll_eyes:


Nice job! The candles look great on the shelf. Best of luck with your show!


Thank you! Chance for rain has increased, but I just got an email saying that the show will take place “rain or shine, snow or heat!”. I had almost talked myself out of going, but I have sides for each side of my canopy, so that’ll help.


Good luck at the show and fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain! Shelf looks great!


Thank you!


Great project, I’ll probably make it too!!!

On the wobbly- you can try a dab of hot-glue at the right place. Should sturdy it up nicely.

A spray of alcohol will dissolve it so you can take apart too.


I think just getting the slots the right size would take care of it - tight enough you need a little pressure to get it in, but still able to take it apart. I do love the fact that it stores nice and flat and is so easy to put together.

Be sure to show us yours when you get it done!