Lovely seeing all those GF staff - which is the part timer doing software?

Just want a grumble - it’s been ages since we’ve had any really useful software update.

Still no proper alignment
Still no snapmarks as an alternative
Still no flip and cut
Still no optimised cut order
Still no fix for overburn on ends and corners
Still lots of other things that need doing, big and small.

The more time goes on the more work rounds I come up with and also the more projects I don’t even bring to the GF despite the fact that as advertised and sold to us all those years ago it should be perfect.

The cloud solution was supposed to make it easy to do all these things…

Anyway, just wanted a rant, because I’m genuinely happy that GF has made it to 5 years and all that - success is good but sometimes progress feels really slow out here in the rest of the world.


I’ll add my favorite long-standing bug to that list: fix the fill-rule support in SVGs already

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This one?


Don’t think that fixed the actual problem though, which is properly rendering and processing even-odd fill rules. It did fix the issue of them displaying/rendering properly and processing/engraving incorrectly.

Rendering the on screen display to how it will actually engrave was definitely a good thing, but not the solution to fix the issue for those affected by it.


Correct. Now you know up front it’s going to fail vs waiting for your job to finish. But it’s still not going to do what it should.


1000% this. Please.

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