Low Power Engrave problem

Trying to do a very light engraving pass, for imbedding color. The area was aleady engraved at SD. Put the colored power into SD engraved area and tried to change setting to high speed and low power. The print button changed from ready to no artwork. Tried various approaches starting with Draft, SD, HD,… Whenever I changed the settings ready changed to no artwork.

Reset your focus on the material.

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High speed engraving has a smaller printable area. You might need to lower the speed until your design fits within the operable boundaries, and then lower the power more to compensate.


Could it be a large area you are trying to engrave? As the speed increases the area of useable space decreases to allow for acceleration and deceleration of the head.
Oops, @geek2nurse beat me to the punch :smile:


I’m so sorry to hear that you’re running into trouble!

It looks like both @ovm.steve & @geek2nurse provided some great next steps for adjusting the focus on the material you are attempting to print on. Would it be possible to try these methods out, and let us know how it goes?

We’ll send over any additional steps if you happen to run into the same behavior.

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Thanks to all ( @ovm.steve & @geek2nurse ) for your help. I finally got it that the main problem was at the far left and right of the cut area. To salvage the small items on the far left I followed your advice and adjusted the focus. I also had to reduce the resolution and slow down a bit. In the future I will confine this type of engraving nearer the center of the cut area.

Here are pictures of partially completed project that I was working on. The Files are adapted (using Aspire) from dxf files from Esty (“Souvenir House”). I will gladly share the adapted file if I can get the permission from the author. BTW, that’s mica that I’m using for the windows, there will be LEDs inside, the mica will disfuse the light, I hope.


Thanks for your help.With your and others help I finally got it to work. I apologize for not mentioning you in my reply to the forum.

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Oh you are most welcome. Glad to be of assistance. I like your project a lot!

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Oh, wow! That turned out great! I’m so glad you were able to get it to print successfully. Thanks for following up to let us know and share photos.

If you run into any other trouble, please don’t hesitate to start a new topic.