Low Profile Hose Filter

I recently bought a GlowForge Laser Cutter/Engraver and although I had the dryer vent going outside, there still was a lot of smoke that was created from the unit outside.

I decided to create a small low profile filter to reduce the smoke outside. This is a small box that fits around a 4" male hose adapter. If you are venting smoke, it’s a great option to reduce the plume quite a bit.

You can laser cut this and assemble it easily. I used some basic charcoal filters (included a picture in the link to the file) and just pressed them up against the vent holes.

After putting the box over the male 4" pile, I needed to drill a small hole in the plastic pipe and put a screw in to hold the box on the pipe so it didn’t fall off. Makes it easy to take off the pipe to maintain it as well. The lid closes and there is a small key that I included in the design that locks the box closed.

Hope you all enjoy it! At the very least it reduces the smoke a bit. You can also try different materials to help filter the smoke. For example, if you have a vacuum cleaner bag that is a HEPA filter, you can try cutting it up and taping to the inside to see how well that works.

There are 3 vents so there should be plenty of airflow regardless of the filter you use.


Nice looking exhaust hood.

Cool! Thanks very much!

That’s pretty smart. With the filters in place, I assume you dont get much smell through them? I’m especially curious about the smell after cutting acrylic, I hate that my neighbors have to do with that :nauseated_face: haha

Raymond, I would try playing around with different filters inside the box - like trying out the HEPA filter suggestion I have on the download. Find a cheap vacuum bag that’s HEPA and try cutting it up and placing it before the filters. That will probably do the trick for filtering out the acrylic smell, but you’ll have to experiment. Either way will work a heck of a lot better then nothing :slight_smile:

Thank you for the file