Lowball Glasses

I think I know the answer but thought I would ask anyways. I was asked to quote engraving 200 lowball glasses. I do not think these will fit into a glowforge but had hope someone found a style that might…

If a glass souvenir for holding liquor is the primary requirement and not the size or intended libation that matters, here is the topic for something that works with the Glowforge’s size restrictions.

For bigger glasses the recommendations are generally use the Glowforge to cut a stencil and then sand blast or acid etch.


If the glasses are more than two inches in diameter, it’s a no go in the glowforge.

But look at the bright side! It’s the perfect excuse to buy a sandblaster and cabinet. Just remember that you should NOT cut a vinyl sandblast resist on the glowforge. Use one that is laser safe.


If I was doing two hundred etches, I would buy pre-made templates. I think Rayzist will take your art and send you back peel-and-place sandblast templates.