Lower Power Mode Project!

Alright, so as I said in another topic, I would try to be a little more active in the community instead of hiding in the shadows all the time. With that said, I was scrolling through YouTube and happened upon a video that I think a few of our peers here would like to try out ( as well as a few of us wanting to see the glowforge do some more work :wink: )

As you can see in the screenshots I grabbed, these are amazing lightboxes that have layered cardstock to project an amazing image when done. So there I was watching the video thinking, wow, I bet the new low power mode would make quick work of these cuts!

Here’s a link to the video, which is really well done in my opinion. She goes through multiple levels of skill in order to get the product: https://youtu.be/7ZOXIcCxtCs

Anyway, if anybody does do this with their gforge, please let me know!


Agreed, this is one of the first ideas on my list too. I love these. Have you seen the artwork for Firewatch too? I was thinking of cutting, painting and layering sonething similar to that.


I have now that you have brought it to my attention! Beautiful landscapes, and a perfect example to bring to this sort of project.

These boxes are one of my art series I want to make with translucent and frosted acrylic and plywoods. Can’t wait to get my GF!


If you throw together an svg for the layers you’re interested in seeing cut I’ll put it through my unit for you. I don’t have immediate plans for anything like this but if you want to see how they would turn out I’m happy to lend you laser time