Lower right side corner not cutting clean no matter how many passes

Any ideas what can cause this or what I can do ?

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Be sure to check your optics. Most of the time when mine starts giving me trouble not cutting through it’s because one of the lens’ is dirty. Have you tried to cut through proofgrade material to be sure it’s a cutting issue and not a material issue?


The Problem is that it is cutting really nicely , except in the lower corner , there are two designs , but it does not matter what two designs I put they are off by just a bit and the rest of the cuts are fine , clean and perfect.

The other two designs just wont cut through, im lost as to why its happening.

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That is strange. You may want to cut the gift of good measure in that area in preparation of support contacting you. This might save you some time. Be sure to note the time you do it so they can look back…

Mine started in right corner and now no cutting on Proofgrade materials on Proofgrade settings .Good Luck .

I will have to post a picture next time it happens, as I am loosing so much material now.

I’m so sorry to hear that you are running into trouble! Could you send over a photo of the print result where you noticed this occurring? Also, if you can send over a date and time of when it last occurred, I’d like to review the log files from the print, so we can provide the next best steps.

Does the same trouble occur when utilizing Proofgrade material and default settings?

Once we can confirm these details, we’ll send over any additional instructions :slight_smile:

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard back from you on this thread. On a different thread I saw that you discovered that the mirror in your print head needed cleaning. Did your unit’s cut-through performance improve after cleaning the mirror?

Yes , it worked, Thank you.

Thank you for letting us know! I’ll mark this ticket as solved. If you do run into trouble again, please reach out to us here on the forum or via email and we’ll be happy to help!