Lowest Outside Temp and your Glowforge is still happy?

Hey Gang,

it is ZERO degrees outside. BEAMER has a nice outside vent with a Dryer type vent with a flap in it. is that going to give BEAMER fits thinking it is too cold? or will the ambient room temp likely keep that at bay. I will have it disconnected from the vent went not actually powering the fan.

Just don’t want to have a problem when I start engraving shot glasses.

thanks everybody.

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It should be fine. When the Glowforge is running it is expelling air to the outside. As long as you disconnect the vent when not in use the cold air will not come inside.


I have been running the GF for three hours at -10 C degrees with no problems…


Mf GF is hooked up to a louvered dryer vent and it’s been in the teens and twenties (F) outside for days. The vent hose and the machine are both at room temperature. All is well.

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Thanks all. I expected that to be the case. But totally NOT familiar with outside temps like this, and it dang sure is easier to check and prevent a problem than just “forging” ahead and HAVING a problem. :slight_smile:


If it pauses due to cold (or heat), the light’ll light up amber. When the temp is back in range it’ll start back up again. I’ve definitely had it do that a few times when I’ve done multiple jobs and the cold air gets in between jobs. Not a big deal, but can be an annoyance while you wait for the internal temp to get back up again.


Greetings -
It was -36f here last night. I’ve been leaving the hose connected to mine, with a 4" thick foam plug in the outside when not in use, down to about -25f or so. But colder than that and I pull the hose adapter out of the window and close it when not in use. I’m on the second floor and after about -30f or -35f, ANY moisture vapor in your house is pushing for a way out. The adapter gets frosted up, and the cold starts soaking in, to the hose, the desk, the machine. It’s the creeping cold, it happens faster than you think, when it gets really cold.



I am just going to postpone for a bit. I put my vent in only when running so I’d have to open the window WIDE, in -5 weather to use BEAMER.

sheesh, never saw temps like this here before.


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