LP Album Display

Not so simple project as an LP album is 12” wide but pleased with the outcome. My 78 year old mother is a Prince fan to the max… she should like this for Christmas.


That is awesome! I think she’ll love it!


Nice project, good job on handling the wider size.

If your mom is a huge Prince fan she might like this album, Prince had his hands all over it.

The title track “Electric Lady” is very Princey, and the guitar solo in “Primetime”… I feel like he probably secretly played it. And he’s uncredited, but it sure sounds like him on backup vocals.

It’s basically a secret Prince album, in the classic style of late-80’s Prince, more Sign o’ the Times or Lovesexy than any of his later stuff.

Anyway, since she’s a big fan she may know all about this, but if not it’s a treat.


I’m sure she’ll love it!

That’s wonderful. A really great gift.

How did I not know that, cool cool.

He was a great artist. Nice work.

Oh, that’s really nice!