Lucite Settings

So i got some Lucite with my inventables credit in order to make a few signs.
I did some test cuts starting with the Proofgrade Thick acrylic settings but notices what I am pretty sure was flashback.
Now I neddes with the setting a bit trying to figure out a better setting but it seems that the few i tried either didnt cut through or had some degree of flashback during the cutting.
Now the engrave and score settings from the proofgrade work like a charm. It’s just cutting I am having an issue with.
Here is a picture of some of the test cuts.
Just wondering of anyone else has had any luck with this material, or had similar issues.


Is this on a Pro or Basic?


If the settings are otherwise really close but you are just getting a little flashback, try placing the material on a piece of sacrificial card stock. That will help with the flashback. Don’t forget to adjust the material height for the extra material.


You might also consider some attempts using multiple passes, though I have to agree with @cynd11, the quickest and most sure is use the setting that cut through and mask or lay your piece on some other material (thin chipboard or mdf could work easily.

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I’ve used newspaper with great success in eliminating flashback.


Dang that is a great suggestion!! It is one of those…“Dang that is so simple why had I not thought of that”


That is a great idea!

I know, right!

I haven’t done much acrylic cutting, but it seems to me that it is more susceptible to flashback than other materials. Besides the sacrificial material, have you tried using 2 passes and faster speeds/lower power?