LV box for VDay

So I wasn’t sure if I should post this or not because of the nature of copyrights and what not… but seeing how I am not selling this or any like it, I dont think I will have any LV assassins knocking down my door dressed in designer ninja spandex. I made this for my GF for Vday as she is obsessed with the brand.



Very nice! Great job!

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Nice! Makes me feel slightly inadequate when I look back at my gift…



Great job. That looks like pretty thick material. What did you use?

its .33 inch thick cherry, 115 speed full power cut it pretty effortlessly


Turned out amazing! I’m sure she loved it!

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Elegant dimensions on the box. Nice work. Good ideas here for patterning.

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Yeah, turned out great! :grinning:

Wow. That is awesome. Great to hear that your GlowForge has a favorite fashion company!


In order to keep the LV attorneys at bay, You mean you made it for yourself, and your girlfriend loved it and took it and you have no idea where she is now


Really nice job

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Fabulous , where can I get that box file ? Mahalo in advance

In the original post, the designer states that it isn’t for sale. Also it is against forum rules to request files.

That being said, I suspect any box generator will result in something very similar. Start with and see what you can come up with.


Thank you very much!!

Very! Nice!

I was gonna say it was nice of him to make his Glow Forge a present, but kinda rotten to make it do all the work.:grin:

Your box is incredible but never ever ever sell anything from LV.

I personally know the lady in the story. Two years before the arrest we were having a conversation about her business idea that involved counterfeit handbags.

I said “Don’t do it!!!”

The court gave her boyfriend two options. Pay LV and the other companies over $50,000 (Fifty thousand) or go to prison.

Here is a link to the story.

Another 3yr old thread brought back from the depths of the forums!