Mac os sierra


Anyone installed it yet?
It looks very lovely, but is it any good.
I’m assuming it’ll be fine with the GF as it’s just another iteration of OSX.


I installed it last week, no problems with anything working so far. Couple of new dock icons, Siri being one of them.


I installed in last week as well. Only one problem, I’m using a 3rd party backup / file synchronization application that would not run on OSx 10.12 (Sierra). I contacted the supplier and they sent me a beta version that took a couple days to install due to tighter security in this version of the OS. While the software starts it crashes after less than an hour of running. I’m still working with them to debug.

I don’t expect any issues related to the GlowForge as the software is browser based and runs in the cloud, not on my local system.


Only issue I’ve got is the old adobe updater(I think) complaining about out of date java.


I downloaded it within a day or so of release. I have not encountered any problems.


I updated on Sunday. Only issue was with Karabiner (program for remapping keyboard), but new Karabiner Elements solved it.


I think the only concern would be application updates and plugin compatibilities. Kicking stuff out to agnostic file formats shouldn’t be any issue.

I’m the Sierra guinea pig before we roll it out to our hundreds of devices - so my fingers are double-double crossed every time an update hits!


I’m using a hackintosh. My technical half tends to wait until Tonymac tells him what to expect with new versions… and then when he has a few hours to fuss with it.

Advantage: cheaper hardware than mac, less invasive antivirus than Windows, easier for his wife than linux (he has a different favorite distribution every few months. I can’t live like that.)
Disadvantage: I wait for updates, and he has sole and complete responsibility to keep me happy with my computer

I can live with that.


I’ve been using Sierra since the first beta back in June. No problems with it at all.


Sometimes i open my mouth and only afterwards…:grin:


Thanks all. sounds like all is good.
I’ll get right on it.


I’ve got a gig Fri-Sat and I don’t want any suprises so I plan to update afterward.


I just updated this afternoon. No problems. Can’t see a whole lot new, but I expect that to be revealed as time goes by.


Is the java distributable ever in date? I’ve always assumed it wanting to be updated is its natural state. Of course I don’t use a Mac; maybe it’s different over there.


Nope.It is a perpetual state.


Keeps changing and I hope they do away with Flash, that is an update seems like every day.


Apple used to make its own version of Java. It was rarely updated and always badly out-of-date. But after Oracle bought Sun, they started maintaining Java for the Mac, so now there’s always an up-to-date version available. But now that it’s no longer included with the operating system, I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of Mac users don’t have any version of Java installed.

Apple also actively discourages people from using Flash. For a few years now Safari has flat out refused to run Flash whenever an insecure version is installed (and given how often security vulnerabilities are found in Flash, that’s pretty often) and Safari 10 disables it by default even if it is up-to-date.


It was up to date until Sierra came out. There’s a legacy build hidden somewhere on apples site that was last updated last year when Yosemite came out to keep the Java programs from complaining.

Flash does need to go.


The Apple-supplied Java VM is Java 6. It has not been updated in quite some time and is not installed by default on either El Capitan or Sierra. (I don’t remember whether or not it was on Yosemite.) Last year Apple announced that El Capitan would be the last system to support Java 6, but as far as I can tell it works just fine on Sierra, even though the download page doesn’t mention Sierra. It should not be installed unless absolutely necessary, however, as Java 6 contains many known security flaws.

Oracle provides Java 8u102 for the Mac on their JRE download page. (The full JDK is also available.) However, some old software doesn’t work with Oracle’s Java and needs the old Apple version. Apple’s Java 6 VM can be installed simultaneously with the Oracle Java 8 VM.


I fully agree with you, if Java is needed on a Mac use the version provided by Oracle. If an old application does not work with this, it’s time to look for a new version or a replacement.